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    - An Instant,
    Bank-2-Bank Mobile Payment
    Secured Yet Very Simple.
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    Now everyone would to pay.

About mSikkay

We dream to bring #JoyOfPaying to you.

We dream to make India CASHLESS by 2020.

Ease of Payment

Pay in 3 simple steps. Get maximum benefits from banking. Have the money in your account till the time you actually pay.


Works on SMS, does not require Internet, hence maximum reach and more reliable across geography. ₹'0' setup cost for payee/payer both.

100% Secured

Encrypted when saved, masked when displayed.
Needs super-computer to break the encryption

Bank Agnostic

Pay thru multiple banks. Receive payment, create QR code of multiple banks.


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Payment-Payee Selected

Payment history

My mSikkay Code

Manage Payee

Generate Friends code

Friends mSikkay code


25+ Attacks tested, 0 Successful


Learn more about this feature packed App

User Settings

Choose your authentication method.
Choose your Time-out for app auto-lock
Choose to show or hide Name in QR scan.

Payment Request on SMS

Coming Soon !! Payee can initiate due-date based payment request. Payer can accept / reject the request.

Handy Saved Payee List

Save your frequent payee's for faster transaction.

Share bank details on chat

Share your bank details over messenger as its very Simple and SECURE.

Payments Reminder

Payment reminder, So that you pay on schedule.

Data Security

Tough custom encryption for all your data. Migrate your phone easily by exporting and importing data (validates cell no. before import).

Fastest App

Measured few time T2C transaction in 23 sec. (T2C: Thought of pay- TO - Credit of payment)

Reports for Payer/Payee

Merchants can extract transaction reports
Individuals can trace every transactions

Accessibility Enabled

Visual disable can also use the App efficiently with talk-back.

And much more!

to know more please contact us.


People From Different Stratas of Society Talk About "mSikkay"

“Indians should make the best use of '0' transaction fees facility. Let the economical revolution start bottom-up. I would like to congratulate the vision of 'm-Sikkay' ”

- Yamaji Malkar (Ex-Sakal Editor, Artha-Purna Editor)

“mSikkay(एम-सिक्के) -एक उत्क्रुष्ठ आणि अतिशय भिन्न कल्पना, देवाण घेवाण / व्यवहार अतिशय सोपे करून टाकेल. भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था आणि समावेशक वाढ घडवून आणू शकेल एव्हड्या ताकदीचे आणि म्हणून महत्वाचे साधन ठरेल....”

- Nitin Pawar (General Secretery Rickshaw Union - Maharashtra)

“एम सिक्केनी पैसायंचा व्यवहार फार सोपे आणि सुटसुटीत केला आहे. माझेया पैस्याची लई बचत होते. सगळ्यांनी ह्या पद्धतीने मला पैसे द्यावे आणि घ्यावे सुधा.”

- Avinash Moholkar (Vegetable Vendor- Kothrud Mandai,Pune)


Have queries, Need info., have business, contact us.

Vibhav Kelkar


– "Techie & CEO" of the team, Ex-TechM Siebel Practice Head, 22+ yrs of exp. VJTI Alumni

Vaikhari Parolkar


"Rocket Singh" of the team Over 22+ yrs. of IT exp. Ex TCS employee.

Saral idea - Bada impact software LLP

205 Woodland Harmony,
Next to Gandhi Bhavan,
Kothrud, Pune, India 411 038.